BOOKLET - The 10th South China Sea International Conference, 2018

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This assembly marks the 10th anniversary of the South China Sea Conference themed "Cooperation for Regional Security and Development" which was inaugurated in November 2009 in Hanoi. Hosted by the Diplomatic Academy of Viet Nam (DAV), Viet Nam's Lawyers Association (VLA), and the Foundation for East Sea Studies (FESS), this initiative is designed as a Track II forum to review the South China Sea issues, identify drivers behind rising tensions, and explore avenues for better conflict management and resolution in the region. This year's conference will move beyond an annual review to take stock of the transformations in the South China Sea over the last decade. It is composed of eight sessions examining different angles such as geopolitics, developments, defense and security, claims and legality, confidence building and preventive diplomacy, and newly arising issues.  
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