THE MILITARY BALANCE IN ASIA, 1990-2010: A Quantitative Analysis

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The Burke Chair has developed a new analysis of the military balance in Asia. This report traces developments in the balance since 1990, and provides a detailed comparison of military forces as of 2010. It is titled “THE MILITARY BALANCE IN ASIA, 1990-2010: A Quantitative Analysis”  It draws heavily on the work of Robert Hammond, and the work he has done in developing a spread sheet model that can be used by academics, analysts, reporters and other experts. This model will be available on the CSIS web site shortly. The report focuses on force strength, and does not attempt to make a narrative analysis. It does, however, address force quality as well as force quantify by showing the comparative strength of key equipment affecting force quality. It is divided in to nine sections, covering the range of possible comparisons from a focus on major Asian powers to US forces normally deployed in the region, and comparative nuclear capable forces.  It provides regional break outs for Northeast Asia, the Taiwan Straits, Southeast Asia, and South Asia – including comparisons of India and Pakistan. All material is unclassified and drawn from readily available sources with limited updates or modifications in a few cases. We would greatly appreciate further comments, suggestions, and further updates.    
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